Olivier Segers and Stuart Tolley

Limited places available

Q&A Session for the Online Master in Graphic and Digital Design

6PM (Barcelona time)

If you are interested in LABASAD’s Online Master’s Degree in Graphic and Digital Design, attend the Q&A Session with the Co-directors of the Master’s Degree.

Meet in person Olivier Segers, Co-director of the Master and Design Director at Zypsy, and Stuart Tolley, Co-director of the Master, Art Director and Graphic Designer. Find out about the objectives of the Master, the study plan, the teaching staff and answer any questions you may have.

Olivier Segers

Olivier Segers is a multidisciplinary branding and type design freelancer. During his 10+ years of experience, he worked with companies, agencies, startups and individuals all over the world. Olivier is currently working as Design Director for Zypsy, a company that works with start-ups in the web3 space.

Stuart Tolley

Stuart Tolley is a graphic designer, editorial art director, author and educator. He is the director of Transmission graphic design studio and works with clients in the arts, culture, lifestyle and publishing industries.

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