Alejandro Peña

The diversity of people in the Master made the experience very enriching; learning from people without a background in architecture and interior design opened up new possibilities and ways of conceptualizing spaces.

Tania Hernandez

Something I value very much about the Online Master in Challenging Branding is the opportunity to exchange ideas and inspiration with my colleagues. The Master has been a source of inspiration for my professional life.

Eva Holgado

Thanks to the Online Master in Graphic Design and Digital Environments, I have the tools I need to continue growing as a graphic designer and to be able to tackle many more graphic design projects. It’s a challenge for me, but at the same time it is also a dream of mine.

Sira Ayats

Having professionals who are currently active in their field as teachers, and who moreover are so high-level, has been a great experience; and the content of the Master is everything I was looking for. In short, it has undoubtedly been a very enriching experience.

Alvaro Pecci

My interest in conceptualization and the creative process made me decide to do the Online Master in Art Direction, where I laid the foundations for a work methodology that helps me in my daily life to execute professional, creative, and coherent projects.

Jennifer Lopez

I started from 0 with the Online Master in Graphic Design of LABASAD, and thanks to the teachers and the learning-by-doing methodology, it has turned out to be a very enriching experience that has given me all the tools and knowledge necessary to start my career in the world of design.

Julio Liarte

The Online Master in Art Direction has provided me with a set of tools and the necessary mindset to be able to approach with total confidence the creative conceptualization and art direction of a visual communication project.

Vanesa Marcos

The day I discovered LABASAD I knew I was finally going to be, professionally, what I really wanted to be. What is UX? What is UI? The Online Master in Digital Design answered these questions: Web and App, where I have learned that UX and UI are the perfect pair, destined to understand each other … Read more

Estefanía Ruíz

This master’s degree has been a before and after for me, since it gave me the tools needed to achieve what I want in the physcial space of a brand and also in the graphic design of the brand; in other words, I can develop both the graphic design and the interior design of a … Read more

Natalia Montenegro

If I take something away from this master’s degree it is the inspiration to travel and pursue my dreams, to meet incredible people without distance being an impediment