Pedro Rios

My name is Pedro Ríos and I am a graphic designer. After finishing my Degree in English Studies I decided to embark on another professional path, one that would be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Some time ago, I discovered the Marco Creativo channel and I began learning along with his videos. Thanks to this training, … Read more

Laura Pedreira

My name is Laura and I am a graphic designer. I studied Audiovisual Communication because I have always enjoyed thinking about images. For that same reason I ended up choosing design for my career path, and it has become a profession that I love. For me, design means continuously learning and looking for new solutions. … Read more

Deborah Romo

I am Débora Romo and I am creative and visionary. For many years I dedicated myself to the world of styling and as extra work I dedicated myself to the interior design of homes and wedding venues. My partner at that time was already working in web development and was always telling me: “You should … Read more

Eva Holgado

I am Eva Holgado and I studied Fine Arts in Salamanca. After a couple of years working in a communication agency, I decided to continue my studies and study at LABASAD, and thanks to the Online Master in Graphic Design and Digital Environments I have the tools I need to continue growing as a graphic … Read more

Carmen Acevedo

My name is Carmen, although many know me as Karma. I have been working in video editing and postproduction for 6 years in both production companies and agencies. This is something very different from what I studied in my Journalism degree; however, without a doubt, everything in the end comes down to the same thing: … Read more

Tania Hernandez

I am Tania from Madrid and I have been working as a designer in Munich for 8 years. I have always been fascinated by design; I started by studying fashion design in Madrid, and eventually I ended up in Germany working in advertising and art direction. After working in several advertising agencies, I decided to … Read more

Amador Artiga

I studied graphic design, and for more than 10 years I have been creating visual content for live shows. My specialty is 3D and I am passionate about inventing an idea, solving the equation, and then turning it into a visual concept that seduces the viewer and conveys the precise emotion. I signed up for … Read more

Jennifer Lopez

My name is Jennifer, and although I come from the world of management and marketing, I recently discovered that my true vocation is to create and design. I started from 0 with the Online Master in Graphic Design at LABASAD, and thanks to the teachers and the learning-by-doing methodology, it has turned out to be … Read more

Sara Lainez

My name is Sara, and I’ve been working for almost a decade as an art director and illustrator. A subdued, chromatic color spectrum, and the use of somewhat comic textures and characters are what characterize my style. My work is influenced by pop culture and my love of film and television series. I wanted to … Read more

Vanesa Marcos

After the first encounter I had with web design, I ran away, like when Sandy found out that Danny Succo was laughing at her behind her back. And from there, my relationship with web design has been the same as Sandy and Danny’s relationship in Grease: we loved each other, we hated each other, and … Read more