Pedro Rios

My name is Pedro Ríos and I am a graphic designer. After finishing my Degree in English Studies I decided to embark on another professional path, one that would be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Some time ago, I discovered the Marco Creativo channel and I began learning along with his videos. Thanks to this training, I discovered that my true vocation was graphic design, and I then decided to commit myself fully to it.

For work reasons, my only solution was to learn online, and LABASAD gave me that opportunity. I have been able to fully take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the professionals who teach in this program. I have been able to work on real-life projects, and in just one year I have acquired not only pratical experience, but also the necessary knowledge to start professionally dedicating myself to design. After this experience, I am even more eager to continue learning and growing professionally, and I’m ready for more creative challenges similar to the ones LABASAD has offered me in the program. Without a doubt, it’s been an incredible experience.