Sara Lainez

My name is Sara, and I’ve been working for almost a decade as an art director and illustrator. A subdued, chromatic color spectrum, and the use of somewhat comic textures and characters are what characterize my style. My work is influenced by pop culture and my love of film and television series.

I wanted to complement my professional experience with a degree that could increase my knowledge of the sector and, therefore, I decided to enroll in the Online Master Art Direction at LABASAD. It was a very positive experience, and as I wanted to delve into the world of animation, the Online Master in Motion Graphics was a good opportunity to do this.

With the latter, I have learned to conceptualize an idea and to approach an animation project from start to finish. It is a luxury to have teachers who are directors of animation studios, who you admire and whose work is a benchmark in the sector, and then learning what their creative process is and how they approach it.