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Talent, talent and more talent. This is what our instructors are. They are top professionals in their specialties, they are passionate about transmitting their knowledge, and they do so with excellent communication skills. This allows our students to fully immerse themselves in the real world of the industry.

Their classes are powerful, they are generous and committed teachers – and thanks to this, they convert the “online” into “ON LIVE”. When you try one of their classes, you won’t want to miss any.







Alejandro Masferrer

Process Designer and Facilitator

Amandine Palazon

UX designer and strategist

Anna Ripoll

Customer Experience Designer

Beatriz Suarez

Co-Director of Master and Director of Strategy at Maba

Blair Thomson

Founder/Creative Director of design studio Believe in®

Blanca Deblas

Product Designer at B-Reel

Christian Lowell

Director of Master, Design and Art Director

David Lamothe

Design Director at AREA 17

Dimitris Koliadimas

Founder and Creative Director of Semiotik Design

Elena Ceriani

Product Designer at B-Reel

Helena Sollie

UI Designer

Henk Willems

Founder and brand designer at Studio WillemsPeeters

Hernan Braberman

Expert in Branding and Packaging Design

Jesse Reed

Partner at Order

Joaquin Urbina

Creative and Mixed-Media Director

Júlia Solans

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Luka Primorac

Motion Design Team Lead at Holographik

Marina Soto

Co-Director of Master and Graphic Designer

Mario Martinasco

Brand Innovation Consultant

Mark Bloom

Co-Director of Master, Graphic Designer, Creative and Typographer

Martin Rettenbacher

Design Director at AREA 17

Matt Lamont

Designer | Collector of Print and Archivist | Educator

Olivier Segers

Co-Director of Master and Design Director at Zypsy

Pere Esteve

CPO of Broomx Technologies

Sabina Chipară

Type Designer

Sara Landeira

Co-Founder and Designer at What The Studio

Sarah Boris

Artist & designer

Sergio Romero

Senior Product Designer at Holaluz

Stuart Tolley

Co-Director of Master, Art director and Graphic designer

Teo Guillem

Director of Dvein

Tim Milne


Tom Hume

Associate Creative Director at Re

Vincent De Boeck

Motion Brand Designer