If you are interested in LABASAD’s Online Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and Applied Typography, attend the Q&A Session with the Co-directors of the Master’s Degree.

Meet in person Marina Soto, Co-director of the Master and Graphic Designer, and Mark Bloom, Co-director of the Master, Graphic Designer, Creative and Typographer. Find out about the objectives of the Master, the study plan, the teaching staff and answer any questions you may have.

Marina Soto

Marina is a graphic designer working in identity, campaigns, and art direction. She lives and works in Barcelona, currently as Head of Design at Artofmany studio. She has developed projects for many clients, from local companies or businesses to international companies and European agencies. Some of these projects have been awarded and published in different media related to design. She combines her professional activity with teaching at different schools.

Mark Bloom

Mark has over 22 years of design experience, specialising in brand identity and type design. During this time, he has worked with some of the world’s leading design studios, producing logos and typefaces for major global brands and agencies. His clients to date include: NASA, Virgin, Coca-Cola, Nike, Beats by Dre, Sonos and EuroSport, to name but a few.