Discover the Máster Online en Programación para Creativos

Are you amazed by Apple's web wizardry and would you like to design projects at another level? If you are a graphic designer, this Online Master may interest you.

At LABASAD we are celebrating! This time, we want to share with you the Máster Online en Programación para Creativos, a Spanish-language Master’s degree oriented towards creative people, such as designers, who want to add programming as an extra element in their ideation and creation processes.

Often, designers or illustrators do not know how to enter the world of programming and this Online Master is designed to help them in a specific way, by providing them with the ability to understand the code and use it as a tool that allows them to communicate in an innovative and alternative way.

AllinPixel – Proyecto de Collserola – Directores del Máster Online en Programación para Creativos

El Máster Online en Programación para Creativos está estructurado en 4 módulo distintos, los cuales contienen un total de 16 asignaturas.

En el primer módulo podrás aprender los fundamentos básicos de la programación, así como aprender a programar en lenguaje HTML y CSS; en el segundo, entrarás en el mundo del desarrollo web, aprendiendo a utilizar elementos tipográficos y visuales como animar con CSS; en el tercer módulo se aprenderá a utilizar la programación de una forma más creativa y animando elementos de web de una forma avanzada; en el cuarto módulo entrarás en el mundo de la gestión digital y el uso de las nuevas tecnologías, utilizando el poder del código para diseñar e implementar cualquier proyecto que tengas en mente con el objetivo de llevar a cabo el Proyecto Final de Máster, dónde podrás aplicar todos los conceptos aprendidos en las asignaturas.

The Online Master is taught by experts in the conceptualization and development of digital projects, both in visual development and programming. The Máster Online en Programación para Creativos is co-directed by Adrià Chalaux and Albert Moreu.

Adrià Chalaux is a creative director and is an expert in the creation of digital projects, actively participating in both visual development and programming. He is also co-founder of the Collserola studio, a studio with more than 15 years of experience specializing in visual identities and web development.

Albert Moreu is a passionate creative director with an expertise of graphic design and new technologies. With his aesthetic sensitivity and vision, he has been able to work hand in hand with numerous creatives and designers. He has been working as a front-end developer and specializes in web creation using custom content management systems for the layout of complex designs.


Bite – Collserola’s Project – Directors of the Máster Online en Programación para Creativos

Why choose LABASAD?

Study at your own pace, you decide when and where you want to learn. That’s LABASAD. The online design school that adapts completely to your needs, regardless of whether you are working full-time or if you have other demanding responsibilities. All our classes are #OnLive, that is, live online classes where you can interact both with teachers and with your classmates, sharing and learning from them and with them.

If you can’t attend any of the classes, no problem! In the virtual campus, you can watch them as many times as you want and whenever you want, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In LABASAD we do not believe in exams, students learn through 100% practical projects that will allow you to expand your professional portfolio, a key element in the world of design. Despite this, the most important thing is our human team. From the first day you enroll you will be assigned an academic coordinator who will accompany you throughout your time at LABASAD.


If you want more information about the Máster Online en Programación para Creativos contact one of our advisors at [email protected], they will be happy to help you solve any questions you may have.