Online Master in Brand Design

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Start date
June 2024
12 months
Online / Onlive
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Storm Wiggett
Admission requirements
Knowledge of Graphic Design and Softwares

Introduction to the master

The Online Master in Brand Design is a comprehensive program that takes you through the foundations and tools needed to develop, design, and launch a successful brand. So that you have the tools to confidently create and launch a brand, the five modules combine a strong theoretical base with practical design tools for real-world application.
The Master is an interdisciplinary program that tests and develops the range of skills needed to be an industry professional in today’s competitive market. Throughout the program, you will be tested on problem-solving, creative thinking, strategy development, storytelling, communication, and research practices.
Industry professionals will then guide you through the key concepts and practical design tools needed to create a compelling brand. These creative skills include: Typography, Colour, Craft and Distinction, Art of Illustration, Logo Design, Creating a Brand Guide, Brand Stationery Design, Brand Packaging Design or Brand Evolution and Strategic Rebranding.
At the end of the Online Master, you will submit a final project on creating, implementing, and launching a brand to demonstrate what you have learned.

To whom it is addressed

  • Anyone in design and marketing wanting to upskill and develop critical theoretical and practical knowledge.

  • Graphic designers wanting to advance their careers to the level of Creative Director and Brand Director.

  • Professionals wanting to become Brand Strategists or acquire advanced knowledge of brand design.

  • Marketers, Aspiring Brand Managers and Art Directors wishing to evolve their strategic, brand and graphic design skills.

  • Professionals from marketing studios, agencies, design studios, or freelancers wanting to specialise in branding, strategy, graphic, print, or packaging design.

  • Anyone with basic software and design knowledge wanting to improve their conceptualisation, strategic thinking, formalisation, and execution process.

  • Individuals from other design professions with an interest in building and managing personal or corporate brands.


Brand Strategy

Develop brand strategies aligned with business goals, resonating with target audiences, gaining necessary skills and knowledge.

Brand Management and Marketing

Learn the principles of brand management: brand positioning, brand architecture, brand story, and brand extension strategies.

Research and Analysis

Learn how to conduct ethically sound research and analyse data to inform brand design decisions and strategies.

Brand Identity and Design

Learn the core elements of brand identity and brand perception including logos, colours, typography, and imagery.

Creative Thinking and Innovation

Enhance critical thinking with creative problem-solving, innovating brand design and communication approaches.

Visual Communication Skills

Develop skills in visual communication, graphic design, typography, layout, to create compelling brand assets.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to confidently present and launch your brand across a range of media.

Study plan

The Online Master in Brand Design lasts 12 months and is made up of a total of 16 courses grouped into 6 modules. With the knowledge acquired throughout the Master, students must be able to carry out the Master’s Final Project, which will be coordinated by the Director of the Master, Storm Wiggett

Module 1
Brand History, Psychology and Behavioural Science
  • Welcome to the Master
  • Brand History, Psychology and Behavioural Science for Brands
Module 2
The Science and Art of Brand Engineering
  • Concepts of Branding, Brand Management and Brand Codes
  • Research Principles and Process
  • Brand Positioning, Name Generation and Storytelling
Module 3
The Art of Creative Disciplines in Brand Design
  • The History of Brand Design
  • Mastering Typography, Colour, Craft and Distinction
  • The Art of Illustration
  • Logo Design and Versatile Logo Toolbox Creation
  • Brand Guides – A Visual Roadmap
  • Mastering Brand Stationery Design
  • Mastering Brand Packaging Design
  • Exploring Brand Evolution and Strategic Rebranding
Module 4
Mastering Presentation Skills and Launching a Brand Successfully
  • Mastering Presentation Skills
  • Launching a Brand Successfully
Module 5
Master’s Final Project
  • Máster’s Final Project: Creating, Implementing and Launching a Brand
Storm Wiggett

Storm is a specialist packaging designer turned solopreneur with 16 years of experience crafting knock-out designs for some of the biggest global FMCG and CPG brands. Her studio, Ginger Storm, delivers big-agency execution with small-studio precision, garnering awards and global features. Her strategic designs secured vital retail shelf space for 60+ brands. She imparts real-world industry expertise as a lecturer, inspiring creativity and strategic thinking in future graphic design leaders.

Career opportunities

  • Brand Strategist, Brand Manager, Brand Director

  • Graphic Designer, Creative Director

  • Packaging Designer

  • Brand Designer

  • Art Director, Naming Specialist and Brand Strategist


LABASAD’s proprietary Master awarded to all students upon satisfactory completion of the master’s program.

Price and payment methods
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