At LABASAD we are a family. Our main objective is for you to enjoy learning, for you to have a good time, and for you to feel supported on your way to becoming the best professional you can be, all through our Online Masters in design and creativity.

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Our values


For design and education. Our main objective is to bring design education into every home. Without borders, and with the conviction and, above all, passion, perseverance and teamwork that teaching and learning require.


Generating change, from the inside out. LABASAD is a living project with a drive to improve. We share this drive with anyone who wants to keep learning throughout their professional careers.


Commitment and constant improvement. Our greatest commitment is to offer you quality training through the sum of three key aspects: methodology, technology and our faculty.


Our way of being. We are transparent, trustworthy, and loyal.


This is your home if you want it to be. We put ourselves in our students’ and instructors’ shoes to understand their needs and offer tailored solutions. We are a welcoming community, no matter where you come from.

Prizes and awards


Live Online classes (Onlive)

All classes are held live, always at a specific day and time.


Connect whenever and wherever you want

The virtual campus is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can connect from any device.


Personalized assistance

Each module has two essential figures: the instructor of each subject and the academic coordinator, who you can count on at any time.
You will be in small groups of a maximum of 30 students.


100% Hands-on

Throughout the master’s program, you will complete hands-on activities with the help of your instructor, as well as the realization of projects that will later become part of your professional portfolio.


Personalized education

You can share questions and concerns with your instructors and classmates through forums and chats.



You will have access to many learning resources to help you complete your degree.



Masterclasses taught by renowned design professionals, who will share their experiences and knowledge about their field.


Continuous evaluation system

Our learning system is progressive and constant, based mainly on the periodic submission of assignments.


Software workshops

For those who enroll in the Máster Online en Diseño Gráfico y Entornos Digitales or the Máster Online en Motion Graphics, both in Spanish, we provide training workshops on specialized software for those who need it: Illustrator and Photoshop and Cinema 4D in each Master respectively.


LABASAD Online Campus

We have our own elearning platform, the LABASAD Online Campus, an exclusive and personalized space where you can complete the training along with the rest of your classmates and instructors.