Marco Arroyo, LABASAD Student, awarded Gold at the Pentawards Awards

We are celebrating that Marco Arroyo, student of the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design, has won a Gold award at Pentawards, one of the most prestigious festivals and awards in the world of packaging design. The award was in the Student Concept category for Luxury goods. Congratulations Marco! We are very proud of you.

In addition, our Master Co-Directors and their team, Estudio Maba, have also won two awards at Pentawards, a Silver and a Bronze. These awards were presented at the Pentawards 2022 gala in London, which they were all able to attend.

Marco’s award-winning project is titled “Unbroken”, a packaging design project inspired by the lessons in resilience gained during the covid pandemic. It is also a project that he started and completed during the master’s program at LABASAD.


Unbroken, Project by Marco Arroyo, student of LABASAD

We interviewed Marco about this achievement and he discussed his project with us as well as what it means for him to have achieved such an important recognition; he also explained to us how the Master helped him get there.


“Covid taught us all lessons in resilience and patience. “


At a graphic level, the gold lines create a Kintsugi effect, the Japanese art of rejoining broken ceramic pieces with gold. The result is a beautiful bottle that shows how we can all be a bit broken on a physical/mental level. These scars humanize the brand and bring it closer to its target.

Marco explains that the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design has given him the knowledge and resources necessary to realize a project like this and to then submit it to Pentawards and ultimately win the gold award.


“The master at LABASAD has given me the confidence needed to be able to approach the consumer from a professional perspective, and that adds value; to be able to surprise them with a project with which people want to relate, and to approach it from an appealing perspective.”


The Co-Directors of the Master tell us: “It is an enormous pride, to see this kind of results from the students, to see them strive and achieve great things. The Master has given them the push they needed. Their effort has done the rest.”


Marco Arroyo, along with Beatriz Suárez and Miguel Ángel del Baño, Co-directors of the Master, and the Maba team at the Pentawards 2022 awards ceremony in London

From here, new paths and opportunities have opened up, and he would like to perhaps continue promoting this project; he would also like to enjoy this moment and this achievement, and of course LABASAD is here for him to help him in this process.

Estudio Maba, which is made up of professors and the co-directors of the Master that Marco completed, has also been awarded with a silver Pentawards for the design for the Saura brand of wine, in the category of Beverages for Wine, and a Bronze Pentaward for the design of Bésame mucho, in the category of Home, Leisure, & Other Markets for e-commerce. Saura is a family of wines that are made in fossil stone deposits and surrounded by nature. This landscape is reflected in the labels, and it appears as if the label was a sculpted stone relief. Bésame Mucho is an identity and packaging system for a florist, with a great deal of expressiveness and freshness for a very traditional category.

They offered a final piece of advice for future packaging designers: “You can win a Pentaward by doing something you are really proud of and by trying very hard. Don’t be afraid to try, success can come to you at any time.”


If you, like Marco, also dream of dedicating yourself to the world of packaging design and want to learn from great professionals such as those at Estudio Maba, do not hesitate to ask us for more information about the Master that Marco himself completed, the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design you can click on this link or send an email to [email protected].