Online Master in Editorial and Advertising Illustration

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May 2024
12 months
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Bárbara Malagoli
Admission requirements
Knowledge or previous experience in illustration

Introduction to the master

In today’s contemporary communication landscape, illustration has emerged as one of the most influential artistic disciplines. Professional illustrators now have access to a plethora of resources and techniques, allowing them to pursue careers in various graphic projects and fields. LABASAD’s Online Master’s Degree in Illustration is specifically designed to equip aspiring illustrators with the necessary tools and knowledge to confidently undertake any professional project, from conceptualization to final delivery.

Through guidance from experienced illustrators and industry professionals, students will delve into the intricacies of different illustration assignments found in both editorial and advertising domains. They will gain a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics, formats, and typologies of such projects. Additionally, the course will foster the development of students’ unique artistic language and encourage them to critically analyse the conceptual aspects of their profession as creators of visual and narrative storytelling. By the end of the program, students will be well-prepared to embark on successful careers in the dynamic world of illustration.

To whom it is addressed

  • Graduates in Design, Advertising, Graphic Arts and Fine Arts who have completed their studies and are looking to broaden their specialised training in illustration.

  • Professionals in the sector without specific qualifications who can accredit professional experience and who aim to specialise in the illustration sector.


Conceptual Approach

Analyse the conceptual approach to an illustration project: how to create images based on ideas.

Unique Creative Language

Enhance artistic skills and define a unique creative language.


Deepen understanding of visual narratives, artistic techniques, and current illustration formats.


Gain knowledge of the resources and tools necessary to tackle an illustration project: from conceptualization to materialization of the artwork.

Broad Vision

Acquire a comprehensive view of the professional market in contemporary illustration, applied to both editorial and advertising realms.

Professional Sector

Connect with active illustration professionals. Explore industry opportunities and prepare for market entry.

Professional empowerment

Gain hands-on experience in the entire commercial project process, from initial decisions to final production quality control.

Study plan

The Online Master in Editorial and Advertising lasts 12 months and is made up of a total of 14 courses grouped into 5 modules. Throughout the Master, 4 masterclasses will be held to delve into cross-cutting content applicable to your profession. With the knowledge acquired throughout the Master, students must be able to carry out the Master’s Final Project, which will be coordinated by the Director of the Master, Bárbara Malagoli.

Module 1
The Illustrator as a Creator of Images and Narratives
  • Welcome to the Master
  • Visual Narratives
  • Experimental Illustration
  • Visual Thinking and Inspiration: From Abstraction to Image
  • Creativity and Personal Style
  • Masterclass: The importance of the creative process
Module 2
Editorial Illustration
  • Illustration in Press/Editorial
  • Research and Concept Development
  • The Art of Character Development in Illustration
  • Masterclass: Bringing Characters to Life
Module 3
Advertising Illustration
  • Creative Process in Advertising
  • Illustration for Advertising Projects
  • Illustrated typography and lettering
  • Masterclass: Art Direction in visual storytelling
Module 4
The Illustrator in the Job Market
  • The Business of Illustration: Portfolios
  • Digital Advertising and Social Media
  • Freelancing and Self-Promotion
  • Masterclass: Artifical Intelligence and Illustration
Module 5
Master's Final Project
  • Master's Final Project
Bárbara Malagoli

Brazilian multidisciplinary artist focused on Illustration and Visual Arts based in London-UK. She has been working as an independent professional with studios and clients in a wide range of projects, as an Illustrator, graphic designer, and creative director. Her work is all about compositions, shapes, vibrant textures and bold colors.

Career opportunities

  • Serve as a freelance illustrator for clients in the advertising and/or publishing industry.

  • Undertake art direction roles within advertising agencies, graphic design firms, or animation studios.

  • Assume creative leadership positions in illustration projects within the advertising and/or publishing sector.


LABASAD’s proprietary Master awarded to all students upon satisfactory completion of the master’s program.

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