Do you want to be like them? This is how the lives of some of our students have changed after doing an Online Master at LABASAD.

At LABASAD we love to share the achievements of our alumni, and today we wanted to collect stories of some of our alumni who, after studying at LABASAD, have experienced a positive change in their professional lives.

We start with Sofía Gregorio, former student of the Online Master in Graphic Design and Digital Environments. Sofía finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 2020 and was looking to specialize in Graphic Design, and after researching LABASAD and talking to the academic coordinators, she decided to start the Online Master in Graphic Design and Digital Environments:

“In the Master you learn a great deal, and whenever someone asks me about it, I recommend it. You not only learn how to do things, but to know why you do them. All the work that is done is focused in such a way that you can add them to your portfolio and create new professional opportunities for yourself.”

During the Master, Sofia had the opportunity to do an internship at Addsum, a strategic consultancy. The experience was excellent, and Addsum decided to hire Sofia after finishing the internship, as a Graphic Designer.

“During the internship at Addsum I was able to put my knowledge into practice. I am currently a Graphic Designer at Addsum and I couldn’t be happier to have done my internship here and to have chosen LABASAD to study Graphic Design and Digital Environments. I am sure that I will do another Master at LABASAD.”

Project by Sofía Gregorio, former student of the Online Master in Graphic Design and Digital Environments

Now we’ll turn to the area of interior design to meet Ingrid Bayés, a former student of the Online Master in Interior Design and Hospitality. Before starting the Master, Ingrid was at a somewhat stagnant professional point, and she noticed that she needed to study more about her field. She then decided to study at LABASAD.

“What made me opt for this school was the flexibility of being able to do the classes from home, however without ceasing to have live contact twice a week with teachers and classmates. For me it was very important to share and meet people with the same interests as me and that the teachers were professionals actively working in their field.”

Ingrid started the Master so that she could feel more confident doing her job, and thus be able to demonstrate it to her clients; once she completed the Master, she felt prepared enough to undertake her own project, which can be followed through her Instagram profile.

“The Master has given me many new tools and knowledge; they have made me much more confident about developing my work and undertaking my own projects. I also want to emphasize how well thought out and structured the curriculum is. Every week, it was a pleasure to coincide with professionals and colleagues who shared the same vocation, and also to be able to learn from them.The truth is that it has been quite a sacrifice, but I would repeat it without a doubt!”

Project by Ingrid Bayés, former student of the Online Master in Interior Design and Hospitality.

Next, we’re going to talk with Marco Arroyo-Vázquez, a former student of the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design. Before starting the Master, Marco was in a moment of his life when he needed to grow professionally because of the few opportunities available in his region. He says that LABASAD “gave me my wings again.”

“I chose LABASAD because of the quality of the teaching staff, as each and every one of them is a top professional in their sector. Also, I chose LABASAD because I wanted to take a chance or “bet” on a different educational methodology, the Onlive methodology; because you can’t win if you don’t bet, and and I won more than I could have ever dreamed (with the Pentawards). Finally, I chose LABASAD for the warm treatment I received from the staff.”

Once he completed the Master, Marco started doing packaging projects on his own under the name of Mapko, in Spain, USA, and Puerto Rico. In addition, Marco has won several awards, the most recent being the ANUARIA de Oro Award in the Student Category. Marco was also selected for the shortlist of the Pentawards 2021 (in the Student Food category) with his project Mind CBD, which was made during the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design.

For Marco, doing the Master has been the beginning of “his little big revolution”, as he explains:

“The master’s degree has been a turning point, to see paradigm shifts, understand them, and to know how to add value through packaging. It is has been like 4 years of growth but all in 1 year, and this has brought recognition and vlaue for my work, both inside and outside the sector; consequently, it has created opportunities to work with clients from outside of Spain. For someone from a small town (Valladolid) like me, this has made me quite proud. My little big revolution begins!”

Project by Marco Arroyo-Vázquez, former student of the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design.