Introducing the Online Master in Art Direction

LABASAD has launched a new Online Master in Art Direction with the aim of extending our expertise abroad.

Here at LABASAD we are celebrating. From May onwards, we are starting our new English-language master programs. We would like to share one of them with you: the Online Master in Art Direction, a master degree for those seeking:

– Employment in the art direction sector

– To unlock endless possibilities and make their mark

– To be quipped with a versatile skill set and a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances

– Acquire strategic and conceptual thinking skills for solving design problems and making decisions


In short, this master’s degree offers the opportunity to become a 360º art director with knowledge in all disciplines.

The Online Master in Graphic and Art Direction lasts 12 months and is made up of a total of 10 courses grouped into 4 modules. With the knowledge acquired throughout the Master, students must be able to carry out the Master’s Final Project, which will be coordinated by the Director of the Master, Marta Veludo
Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural foundations of art and design, exploring strategic marketing, content strategy, graphic design, illustration, typography, photography, motion graphics, and cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and extended realities.

Project by Marta Veludo, Director of the Master
Project by Marta Veludo, Director of the Master

Our comprehensive program, guided by industry experts, aims to empower your professional growth, providing the skills needed to craft meaningful and inspiring concepts. The Online Master in Art Direction is directed by Marta Veludo, is a graphic designer currently working in Amsterdam. Inspired by the internet, pop culture, folk art, and pound shops, fascinated by inventions, color, movement, and compositions.

She designs and conceptualize for both cultural, and commercial fields. Whether in the digital realm or on a three-dimensional scale, she combines different disciplines as Illustration, Graphic & Art Direction for visual identities, fashion editorials, set design and motion.

Project by Clémence Gouy, Instructor of the Master
Project by Clémence Gouy, Instructor of the Master

Why choose LABASAD?

Study when and where you want. That’s LABASAD. The online design school that adapts completely to your needs, regardless of whether you are in the middle of your professional life or if you have a full time job. For this reason, all our classes are #OnLive; that is, live online classes in which you can interact with teachers and, above all, with your classmates, sharing and learning from them and with them. If you can’t attend one of the classes, you can watch it as many times as you want via the virtual campus, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Project by Marta Veludo, Director of the Master
Project by Marta Veludo, Director of the Master

At LABASAD we don’t believe in exams, and students learn through 100% practical projects that will allow them to expand their professional portfolio, a crucial element in the world of design. However, the most important aspect of LABASAD is our team. From the first day you enrol you will be assigned an academic coordinator who will accompany you throughout your time at LABASAD.

If you want more information about the Online Master in Art Direction contact one of our advisors at [email protected].