LABASAD launches Online Masters in English

After establishing more than 20 Spanish-language Online Masters programs and having more than 2000 study at the school, LABASAD has officially launched its new English-language Online Masters programs: the Online Master in Graphic and Digital Design, the Online Master in Graphic Design Applied Typography and the Online Master in UI/UX Design.

Since 2017, we have offered online masters programs in design, creativity and photography; with students and teachers from all over the globe, such as Colombia, Spain, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, United States, among many others. For this reason, we wanted to reinvent ourselves and expand our school to reach students from all over the world. Our first three Online Masters in English are the Online Master in Graphic and Digital Design and the Online Master in Graphic Design Applied Typography.

The first one, the Online Master in Graphic and Digital Design will guide you in important topics such as brand identity, editorial design, digital design and packaging. All of this is taught by the best professionals with decades of experience in their sectors. In short, it is an ideal program if you want to expand your knowledge and become an expert designer. The second program is the Online Master in Graphic Design and Applied Typography, aimed at students who would like to specialize in typography and apply it to their projects and brands. And the third one, the Online Master in UI/UX Design is perfect for designers who want to learn about the development of a project through various UI/UX disciplines.  Undoubtedly, these three new masters programs are both outstanding options for students who want to succeed in the ever-evolving world of design.

Project ‘Daki’ by Ángela Álvarez, Cristina Terré and Samuel Esteban


In all our Online Masters, we call our classes #OnLive, because they are all delivered in a 100% live format, our students can attend and watch them whenever and wherever they want, and they can interact with their classmates, sharing and learning from them and with them. Our virtual campus is available 24 hours a day and if students have not been able to attend a session or they wish to go back and watch the classes again, they can always watch the recorded version.


“Doing this masters program forced me to get out of my comfort zone, to try different possible solutions to the problems posed in the course projects, to research, analyze and conceptualize before designing, to break visual codes and to better understand the process of creating an impactful brand”.

Maria Fernanda Mafer Benavente (Peru), student of the Online Master in Challenging Branding in Spanish

All of our teachers are professionals actively working in their sector, working for brands with a global presence, such as Adobe, Starbucks, Apple, Ikea and Netflix. They combine their profession with teaching, and they therefore know the techniques, tools, trends and needs that companies currently demand from prospective designers. Our #OnLive methodology allows us to have more than 230 professionals from different countries teaching our classes, such as the directors of the new Online Masters taught in English: Mark Bloom in London, Marina Soto in Barcelona, Olivier Segers in Cape Town, Stuart Tolley in Malaga and Christian Lowell in Barcelona.


Enolas’ project by Abenaura González

At LABASAD students learn through 100% hands-on projects. These projects will form part of our students’ professional portfolios, which will help them to enter the workforce once they have completed the masters program.


“I chose the LABASAD Online Master in Interior Design and Hospitality because of its On Live format, which allowed me to combine it with my work, and because of the quality of the teaching staff. In addition, meeting people from different backgrounds, both geographically and professionally, made the experience very enriching”.

Lorena Suárez (Spain), student of the Online Master in Interior Design and Hospitality in Spanish


In addition to all this, other benefits of studying at LABASAD include access to an extensive employment portal, with job postings from the design, creativity and photography sectors, and exclusive access to workshops and masterclasses. We have also recently launched our App: LABASAD Life, a social network in which you can meet students from all over the world, stay up-to-date with the latest news and resources, share experiences, expand your professional network, and much more!


If you would like to learn more about LABASAD and its new English-language Online Masters programs, please request more information at [email protected].