LABASAD students Daniel Peris and Marco Arroyo win the Anuaria de Oro award

Recently two of our students won an Anuaria de Oro award. Daniel Peris, a student of the Online Master in Art Direction of LABASAD, and Marco Arroyo , former student of the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design, both won the award.

The two LABASAD students who won an Anuaria de Oro, prizes awarded by Veredictas, are Marco Arroyo and Daniel Peris. Marco Arroyo won it for his project “Mind CBD”, a project realized during the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design, and Daniel Peris won it for his tile design project “Equitum”, which was commissioned by the Terracota Museu.



The Equitum tile was designed and produced by Limon Studio, a studio co-founded by Daniel Peris and Mar Marcelino. The piece was commissioned by the Terracotta Museu, and was 3D printed using locally-developed clay. As Daniel explains:


“The project was born because the Terracotta Museu, together with other ceramic entities of La Bisbal, acquired a ceramic 3D printer and created a space for it. It was such a new technology that hardly anyone knew how to use it. My partner, who is a ceramic product designer, and I, had just founded Limón studio and we really wanted to experiment with it because we already had a PLA 3D printer. In addition to the technological novelty of it, we also had to deal with the volatility of ceramic clay, which has many variables that make it behave in a different way depending on where it comes from: humidity, climate, etc. The museum wanted to make a gift piece to give away with the annual catalog of exhibitions and the commission came to us almost by inertia.”


Equitum, by Limón Studio (with Daniel Peris, student of the Online Master in Art Direction at LABASAD), commissioned by Terracota Museu, Winner of the Anuaria de Oro in the Miscellaneous Category.

Daniel is a student of LABASAD’s Online Master in Art Direction, a program directed by Esteve Traveset, Creative Director at Herraizsoto&Co. Daniel explains how the Master helped him take the leap into founding Limón studio, a step he does not regret:


“LABASAD made me rethink many things, really. Just a year ago I was stuck in an agency where my job was basically to dump information into catalogs or labels, adapt banners, obey orders and little else, until my mother noticed my dissatisfaction and encouraged me to sign up for the Master. When you start the program, you take classes taught by professionals you admire, and you see that they also value your work, and you begin to realize that you are worth more than you think (or you remember that you are because you had forgotten). From there, I co-founded Limón and decided that I wanted to try to work on my own. When you complete your first project, and they give you a Anuaria de Oro award, it is nothing more than a confirmation that you are on the right track.”


Daniel explains his experience in the Online Master in Art Direction in Communication, now that he has almost reached the finish line:


“Right now I am working on the final project and the truth is that I can not be happier, although the level of demand is high and it is easy to get tired at this point in the game. But apart from that, the online model works better than I expected and allows me to study from a remote place, something I appreciate because it’s not necessary to travel anywhere to study. The atmosphere with my teammates is also very good, even despite the distance, and we often share ideas or doubts and support each other a lot.”



The other winning project is “Mind CBD”, a packaging project consisting of a premium pack of sublingual strips of CBD, the non-psychoactive part of cannabis.


“The first thing was to determine the target market and the form of consumption, and the second to offer the differential value that was the selling point; Subsequently, a brand was created that appealed to the consumer.”


Marco completed the project during our Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design, with the help and follow-up of LABASAD professors, who were of great help during the development of the project:


“The Master helped me to think beyond the vision of a designer, and to thus be able to understand the perspective of the consumer and to offer them a brand with which they can relate. Thanks to Clara and Alex for helpig me to better understand the gourmet look & feel, and also to Bea, for (her patience) discovering a new world in consumer psychology, being able to understand and apply it to create impactful projects, and consequently, projects that sell; which is ultimately the final goal of packaging. ”

Project by Marco Arroyo-Vázquez, former student of the Online Master in Strategic Packaging Design.

Looking to the future, Daniel wants to continue pushing Limón studio forward, which, as he tells us “is where I now have put all of my excitement and energy.”


“We are in a very beautiful moment because everything is still being built and every brick you put in the wall is part of a long-term process that is very healing.”


You can follow all of Daniel’s work and that of Limon studio on their website or on the Instagram profile @limon.stvdio.

Marco is currently working on personal projects while continuing to study, and soon we will be able to see a new professional project in which he will participate.


If you would like more information about any of our Online Masters, you can send an email to [email protected] and our advisors will be happy to assist you!