Deborah Romo

I am Débora Romo and I am creative and visionary. For many years I dedicated myself to the world of styling and as extra work I dedicated myself to the interior design of homes and wedding venues. My partner at that time was already working in web development and was always telling me: “You should dedicate yourself to graphic design!”

For me, LABASAD was literally my salvation, because not all schools allow you to enter without previous studies in the field. I started with hardly any knowledge, as I had only done Domestika courses and little else. But with the Online Master in Graphic Design it was different. I found the order I needed to learn, starting from the base with a solid foundation and building my knowledge with each module I completed.

I love the LABASAD method, because the teachers, apart from being teachers, work and live what they teach. They are professional designers, most have studied design and do very well for themselves. I believe that the world of graphic design, and everything that surrounds it, is the future of this era and LABASAD has given me a very solid foundation to start from.