Vanesa Marcos

After the first encounter I had with web design, I ran away, like when Sandy found out that Danny Succo was laughing at her behind her back. And from there, my relationship with web design has been the same as Sandy and Danny’s relationship in Grease: we loved each other, we hated each other, and in the end we ended up in a convertible that continues to travel among the clouds.

I wanted to study graphic design but ended up getting a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, which has given me a more homogeneous vision in terms of both creativity and communication.

The reality is that, although I never wanted to be a “publicist”, I ended up liking the term. But I also always wanted to be a designer. The day I discovered LABASAD, I knew I was finally going to be, professionally, what I really wanted to be. What is UX? What is UI? The Online Master in Digital Design answered these questions: Web and App, where I have learned that UX and UI are the perfect pair, destined to understand each other and to fit together; because, like Sandy and Danny, one would not exist without the other.