What do LABASAD students think?

At LABASAD we love to amplify voices and give recognition to our students and teachers. Being able to see their amazing projects and being proud of all the awards they win and deserve is a great honor for us.

Transparency and honesty are two traits that set us apart from the rest. That is why today, we want to share some opinions and experiences that our students have had during their time at the school.

In the first edition of LABASAD FEST we had the opportunity to ask them about their experience at LABASAD, with them giving a rating on a scale of 0 to 10. We were overjoyed and ecstatic to receive an average score of 9.8/10! 🤩



We are pleased to introduce Yuls Gal, a student of the Máster Online en Motion Graphics, who tells us about her experience studying at LABASAD.

“For me, studying the Máster Online en Motion Graphics was a new experience, I had not come to study content of this level with the ease of doing it at home.”[…] ” It was an experience that I would repeat … despite the distance, a family and a very nice community were formed.” Yuls Gal



Vittoria is an Italian student who lives in Malta. A few months ago we made a video where she told us about her experience of the Máster Online en Dirección de Arte en Comunicación.


“Studying a Master from here has been a very good opportunity for meThe fact that it was online and structured in such an organized way, has really given me the opportunity to keep working … without having to postpone what I really wanted to do.

[…] From my professional starting point … I had only been in the corporate world for about ten years, always leaving aside a little bit the more personal projects and the ones I really liked the most. Through the Master, I do now have this confidence and the vision that one needs to work more autonomously and directly with clients.

[…] Without a doubt, this experience has changed me both professionally and the lifestyle that I can now have.” Vittoria Di Giusto



Ariana is a student from Lima who studied the Máster Online en Diseño Estratégico de Packaging and tells us how her experience studying at LABASAD changed her professionally. Thank you very much Ariana for sharing your experience with us, I’m sure it will be of great help to those who are interested!


‘Paxa’ Final Master’s Project by Ariana Chang, student of the Máster Online en Diseño Estratégico de Packaging.

“I’m Ariana, from Lima, Peru and I’ve been a graphic designer for 8 years. After years working branding in a design studio, I decided to explore new fields and expand my education in packaging design to be able to face packaging projects with more knowledge and practice.

[…] In the Máster Online en Diseño Estratégico de Packaging I had the opportunity to get to know other areas, industries and markets that I have been used to, and to do different projects in a freer way with the guidance and feedback of my professors and classmates.

[…] Despite being thousands of kilometers away, the methodology of the master’s degree allowed me to take it along with my work, and thanks to this I now feel that I have many more tools to offer in my projects.” Ariana Chang



Pilar is a student who studied the Máster Online en Challenging Branding at LABASAD and tells us about her experience with the studies being a full-time graphic designer. She mentions “I did the Máster Online en Challenging Branding at LABASAD between 2021 and 2022, and I don’t regret it!” Thank you very much Pilar for sharing your experience, we love to hear these words from our students!

‘OFFF NEW SENSES’ Proyecto de Pilar Enrich, alumna del Máster Online en Challenging Branding para la asignatura Dirección de Arte e Identidad Visual

“I took the LABASAD Máster Online en Challenging Branding between 2021 and 2022, and I don’t regret it!

I am a full-time freelance graphic designer, and although at times it was hard to combine everything, I am very satisfied with the knowledge acquired, work and projects done, and also with the feeling of community even though it is online.

[…] I have learned a lot and I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, I recommend it to any professional who wants to deepen in branding and identity strategy”. Pilar Enrich


Thank you very much to all the students who have shared their experience at LABASAD. We are very grateful and proud to be able to share all the opinions and experiences of our alumni that will be relevant for those who are interested in taking an Online Master at LABASAD.

If you want to know more information about any of our Online Masters, you can send us an email to and our advisors will be happy to help you.